Ocean Sea


Inspired by Alessandro Barricco’s novel Ocean Sea ,as a starting point of reflexion and creation ,Jasna Barisic,grasp the energy of the sea and its salt-surrounding.
Her series of paintings leads the observer by the seaon a light walk that culminates in duality and opposition of two personalities.As a sort of continuation of the exhibition Traces in stone ,the artist attracts the observer to feel the matter of the shore with a specific expression in the paintings.She reminds him of the sharp reef that was tormented by the sea with its tireless shattering of waves and of the soft roundness of pebbles which were caressed and shaped by the waves with the finest touch.She reminds him also of the sand that slipped throught fingers in the same way time escapes from the soul.The author models the structure on wooden panels by wrapping the paper and painting it,and she ceates restless,almost organic,surfaces.Deep shades of blue break down the white tones,fighting them and emerging on the surface in their full size(Craving the sea,Where the sea commences,The sea’s echo)creating gaps in the worlds,just like life creates in every human a small crack that fragments that spectacular set of being as baricco calls it.
Each painting carries its own story about the sea,a one moment on the shore,a one new world.A brief rising of blue colour,calles the observer,almost hypnotic,to the crudity and depth of the flood of bare emotions,which is mysteriously hidden in the painting.The expressive,denuded nature,which the crudity of emotional energy bursts from,and gentle,meditative walk by the sea-a contemplative mirror of the soul-are shown together on panels.This series ends with two paintings,a diptych of its kind,the strong Umbilicus of the sea nad tender Elisewin. Throughout the whole novel,Baricco depicts two opposing energies as two worlds,two characters-timid and mild Elisewin and man with the look of an animal stalking its prey Thomas.Barisic describes the energies of their existence with white and dark blue,almost black,expressive red and blue colour.Without going into great detail,she emphasizes the uncontrolled sensitivity of spirit of name lighter than the air Elisewin with a colour that can’t do no harm and ends it with indication of dark blue,almost determined black colour.
„She turned and slowly retraced her steps.The wind was no more,the night was no more,the sea was no more,for her.She was going,and she knew where.That was all.A marvellous feeling“
Contrary to her,the author sets up the vivid,fierce and energetic painting Umbilicus of the sea interpreting the taste of the world,cruel and brutal,and yet warm and romatic.The destinies are interweaved in the most unusual way.They represent the balance;two emotions,two opposite,but complementary worlds.“Perhaps the world is a wound and someone is ititching it up in the fusio of those two bodies-and it is not even love,this is the amazing thing…“

Curated by Marija Škegro